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Simple Salsa Moves You Can Learn Fast!


Simple Salsa Moves You Can Learn Fast!

Simple salsa moves…


What’s going on guys?

Hervin here,

Firstly, if you’re new to salsa, and want to start your salsa journey, this simple salsa moves will help you!

Secondly, if you have dancing anxiety, check out our last post.

Simple salsa moves…

Can I still learn how to dance salsa if I have 2 left feet?

That’s the number one question I get from students all the time…

To sum it all up, the answer is no.

You’re hopeless…  

That’s right, I just confirmed it.

Absolutely no chance of learning… lol

Well… If this were true, I wouldn’t have a job.

As a matter of fact, the truth is that 70% of the people I have taught (perhaps more), claim to have 2 left feet before they take salsa lessons.

My salsa dancing journey

At the beginning, I felt the same way when I got started myself…

Growing up, as a teenager I remember being at a party where there was this one guy who was an AMAZING dancer… 

All the girls were lining up to dance with him…

I was just sitting there watching him, wishing that would be me.

Long story short…

He came by a few of us that were watching him, and he started to show us some steps…

I remember thinking… “Yessss!!! I’m about to learn the secrets!”

Unfortunately, he stayed there with us for 5 minutes but I wasn’t able to catch on… 

In conclusion, just took that as confirmation that I was given no coordination points at birth and I was hopeless.

Anyone can learn to dance salsa…

Funny thing that I see happen sometimes is that a friend of mine, an advanced dancer, will ask a woman to dance…

BUT, he gets rejected, not because they don’t want to dance with him, but because they feel like they are not good dancers enough and claim to have 2 left feet.

Absolutely, talent is real, and some people do learn faster than others…

On the other hand, I have been teaching for more than 6 years, and I hear this claim daily.

Lies about salsa dancing:

  • “you need to have rhythm to learn salsa”
  • “you need to be coordinated to learn how to dance salsa”
  • “I have 2 left feet”
  • “You’re hopeless”

Did you ever considered that it might not be you… It might actually be the person trying to teach you? It might be that person is a great dancer but not a great teacher!

I have taught thousands of students how to dance… 70% out of them said something similar to the list above.

They were ALL able to learn… without exceptions…

Some did it in less time than others, but everyone was teachable, and everyone has hope!

If you can walk you can dance…

The beginner salsa crash course

If you’re a beginner looking to learn really simple salsa moves that you can use at a party tonight, check out our dance tutorial

The beginner salsa crash course, where I walk you through the first 6 moves you need to learn to start dancing salsa.

It’s the easiest way to learn how to dance salsa…

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