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Salsa Movements


Salsa Movements


Hervin here,

I wanted to send you this email because I get asked this question A LOT!

So, I figured you might have the same question.

“How long will it take for me to learn how to dance salsa?”

The answer is 10,000 years!!!

Lol, just kidding…

Although 6 years ago, when I first started teaching  it did…

Btw, if you want to learn some simple salsa moves, check out our last tutorial that we created here

Salsa movements

I was a great dancer, with a lot of passion for salsa dance, and really eager to share it with people!

The problem was that I didn’t have a method for teaching…

Firstly, I figured the best place to start is to imitate all the different styles of teaching I had seen when I was first learning…

As a result, I taught my students exactly the same way other dance schools would teach…

I would teach them a few basic steps, but very quickly bring up the level and make it more complicated…

It’s kinda like teaching someone how to add numbers with apples and oranges, and then the next class teach them calculus and trigonometry!

That’s what everyone else was doing, so I figured this was the way to teach…

How I use to teach people how to dance salsa

Day 1: the basics.

Day 2: salsa calculus! 😀

That’s what I was teaching… Salsa calculus.

My students would go from “Oh cool I can learn” to “wow this is difficult and it’s going to take a long time!”

The majority of the students would have a lot of fun because they enjoyed the challenge, and felt accomplished that they completed the class...

However, I started to see something happening often:

We would go out to a party, and the same people who were doing great in class were having a hard time applying the moves they had learned!

Little by little, I saw my students get frustrated.

At the beginning, the salsa dancing journey can be overwhelming...

They would tell me:

“In class, I feel great doing the moves, but when I’m out on the dance floor I just forget everything”

They felt like it was taking them way too long to learn how to dance…

Some of them eventually gave up completely...

So, one day, thinking about this I sat down and wrote down a syllabus of moves a student had to learn...

The result the students were looking for was: To be able to comfortably get out on the dance floor...

Plus, they wanted to enjoy themselves dancing without looking like they have 2 left feet,

At first, the list was LONG!

But I knew that whatever I needed to teach had to be SIMPLE and EASY to remember!

Keep it simple to make fast progress with your salsa movements.

Therefore, I distilled everything down to the basics…

As a result, I wrote a list of 4-6 core moves anyone can learn and start dancing with, right away!

That syllabus changed completely my teaching methods...

And, it made a HUGE difference for my students!

Are you wondering, what were the results?

Finally they started to learn, and progress...

This was so exciting for me…

I had developed a process that would take anyone with ZERO experience in dancing…

Even, people who claimed to have 2 left feet...

The beginner salsa crash course

After just a few weeks, my students were able to learn and apply the 4-6 moves I had taught them...

Thereby, allowing them to comfortably get out on the dance floor and enjoy themselves!

If you want to learn how to learn the salsa movements really fast, check out our beginner salsa crash course...

It's helped all my beginner students and we hear stories like this all the time.

“Perfect place to get your start. I've been going to classes and have learned to dance in only about 5 classes. It's a load of fun and it's great to share classes with your partner.” - Antonio L.

“Without having known a single move in the beginning, in just one month with private salsa lessons I gained the ability to walk into any salsa club and dance at the same level as (or even better than) people who’ve been doing it for years! Totally exceeded my expectations.” Joseph S.

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