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Salsa Dancing Tips


Salsa Dancing Tips

Salsa dancing tips!


Hey guys what's going on??

Hervin here,

Today I'm going to show you a couple of salsa dancing tips that are going to help you step up your skills!

If you're ready, let's go!

OHH... if you missed our last post about salsa lessons online, click here to check it out.

​​​​​4 Things you need to know when you’re first starting out (to dance of course)…

  1. PATIENCE is everything...take it easy! There is no reason for you to get frustrated when you’re first learning how to dance (or down the road). Everyone was once a beginner and no one was born a professional.

  2. Enjoy the process! Do not compare your progress to other students. Everyone has a unique learning experience, as well as his/her strengths and weaknesses. There are things that you can do better than others and things that others can do better than you. Identify the weaknesses and take them as an opportunity to improve.

  3. You can only get better through PRACTICE! Practice and REPETITION are key to your success. Being consistent in your practice and setting 5-10 minutes aside everyday for practice will get you far...QUICKLY.

  4. You can learn by observing and replaying (in your head). That’s right! When I go to sleep at night, I replay patterns that I am trying to learn or improve on, in my head (I dissect the steps, hand movements and every detail learned). I do this every night, so I can strengthen my understanding of the pattern. ….and voila! When I get back to practicing it, things just click! 

Are you doing good in class but having trouble when it comes time to dance?

This is a really common problem among beginner salsa dancers.

What I have seen is that students get stuck, and they forget all the moves they learned in class...

The solution that I've seen that has worked is to have a "strategy"...

You want to stick to simple and easy moves that you can remember without much effort. 

So what I did with my students is to create a list of salsa dancing steps called the 6 step formula.

Is the first most essential moves that any student can learn and start dancing immediately. 

Salsa Dancing Tips

Have you ever noticed that majority of the people who go to school to learn a foreign language never learn...

The reason is that they learn too many complicated rules, grammar, structure, and they get overwhelmed with information... 

As a result they are never able to speak...

The same is true for dance... You can focus lot of time and learn a lot of complicated moves, or you can focus on the essential, on what works.

You can get really fast results if you focus on a simple strategy at first...

Once you do that, you can progress to the harder moves.

The beginner salsa crash course

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