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Salsa Dancing At Home


Salsa Dancing At Home

Salsa dancing at home for beginners!

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Hey guys, what's going on?

Hervin here!

Today I want to share with you a tutorial so that you can do some salsa dancing at home 🙂

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Here are 5 TRUTHs about learning how to dance salsa

  1. You do not have to “have it in your blood” to learn how to dance salsa;

  2. “Hearing the beat” and “having rhythm” are skills anyone can learn, not something you are necessarily born with;

  3. The secret to salsa dancing is PRACTICE and having a TEACHER (not TALENT);

  4. Your progress depends on the amount of practice you put in; and the amount of classes you’re taking a week (We recommend, at least twice a week);

  5. You can learn salsa dancing at any age! ...Yes!...and we want to teach YOU!

Practice your salsa dancing at home

Have you ever wondered if you need talent to learn how to dance salsa?

The answer is a concrete NO

I know that sounds crazy because we're so used to hearing how you need to have it in your blood...

People talk about how you need talent to learn how to dance...

While talent is important, I want to show you that is not as important as it seems...

My journey

When I was young I had many people who tried to teach me how to dance...

I couldn't do it...

I was a complete beginner with 2 left feet...

It wasn't until I found a dance instructor who was able to break the steps logically, that I learned to dance.

He was able to logically teach me the steps...

If you want to get good at dancing salsa, you need to find the right teacher and the right method...

Of course, you also need to practice your salsa dancing at home to improve really fast.

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