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Latin Dance Tips


Latin Dance Tips

Latin Dance Tips!


What's going on guys, welcome to another salsa dance tutorial!

In this article I want to give you a couple of tips for learning how to dance salsa really fast...

Get your dance shoes ready, and let's go!

By the way, if you have dance fear, check out my last post which talks exactly about that!​​​​​

Latin Dance Tips: Common mistakes beginners make when salsa dancing

(do any of these, and it’ll be IMPOSSIBLE to make progress)


  • ...tend to look down, at their feet when dancing

  • not listen to the music

  • ...don’t pay attention to their partner

  • not count the music beat

Also, you have to learn to count out loud when you’re dancing (don’t be shy), especially when you’re first starting out.

This way, you learn to coordinate the rhythm of the song with your steps. This will also help you to not speed up and anticipate moves and listen to the music.

Don't look down at your own feet, or your partner's feet

It is important to look at your partner and not at your feet so you can connect with your partner.

Another reason is because it's easy to get lost when the music is going fast, and you just end up trying to catch up with your partner...

That usually doesn't work out : P

The last reason is that it just looks awkward dancing with someone who's head is always looking down.

Listen to the music

I've seen beginners make this mistake a lot, which is to not listen to the music...

At the beginning everything is brand new and there are many things to pay attention to...

You have to remember the salsa moves...

Then, you have to remember your salsa footwork...

And on top of that, you have to remember to keep your steps small, to look up, to keep your posture straight, to smile... to breath!!!


It's understandable why you're having trouble, but...

The goal of dancing is to enjoy the music together and connect with another person, so take it easy, relax and enjoy the music.

Pay attention to your partner

This is a VERY important tip!

I see lots of dancers out on the dance floor, completely ignoring their partner...

If you're a dancing with someone and you're trying to practice your moves... 

One of the best way to do it is to look at your partner and see how they are doing...

Are they smiling? Do they look puzzled? Do they look uncomfortable?

If you want to connect better with your partner, look at them! : D

Count the Beat

This is the most important out of all the Latin dance tips, and the one that gets overlooked the most.

I know it looks and feels awkward when you count.

I get that when you count you feel stiff and robotic, and you want the dance to look smooth and natural...

But the fastest way to progress your salsa dancing skills is through counting, so make sure you do it!

I remember teaching this hearing impaired women who was not able to hear the music at all...

Yet, this woman was able to learn all the dance steps and progressed really quickly...

How did she do it? Counting.

The beginner salsa crash course

Hey if you're a beginner who wants to learn how to dance salsa in just 1 hour with a simple method... Check out our beginner salsa crash course.

I will teach you my 6 step formula, which is the secret method I use to teach my beginner students to learn how to dance salsa really quickly!

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